SANDU is the union for SANDF members, protecting the rights and interests of members in uniform – the union who has been protecting SANDF members against abuse & exploitation since 1995. We stand with the uniformed member, for the uniformed member, being your voice in a system where suppression & abuse of uniformed members’ rights and interests is often executed under the cover of military authority.

Our success is based on our decades of accumulated institutional knowledge of military human resource policies as well as military, civil & labour law and military culture in general. Our staff are from military backgrounds and therefor know & understand the daily challenges in the life of a member in uniform. Therefore, we know exactly how to advise, assist & represent SANDF members in every military or private matter.

SANDU currently offers our extensive expertise to approximately 14 000 SANDF members across all ranks, corps & musterings, except senior management (brig gen and higher) and have the passion and knowledge to ensure the enforcement & protection of our members’ rights and interests. The union has nearly 150 unit workplace representatives country wide and 15 staff members ready to provide you with service.


SANDU was established on 26 August 1995 by members of the SANDF who saw a need for protection of the rights & interests of members in uniform. SANDU has 25 years of experience in dealing with the challenges of members in uniform.

After a long legal battle which SANDU started, the Constitutional Court in 2001 allowed uniformed members the legal right to form & join military trade unions. Since then SANDU has won several landmark decisions in the Constitutional Court affirming & protecting the rights, interests & job security of members of the SANDF. 


  1. Protect the rights & interests of SANDF members
  2. Protect South Africa & the Constitution
  3. Independent from party politics
  4. Fair military HR policies & treatment of our members in uniform
  5. Respect for the rights & interest of uniformed members without compromising military discipline
  6. Do the right thing the right way, every time
  7. Leadership is about inspiration & cooperation, not domination & intimidation
  8. Action taken for all members benefit every individual member & action taken for an individual, benefits all members
  9. Job security for uniformed members


In addition to fighting for your rights as soldiers, SANDU Members have exclusive access to the Soldier's Legal Guard (SLG). This benefits allows you to free access to our Chief Legal Advisor and HR Specialist with ULASA.

SLG (Soldier's Legal Guard) 

This benefit assist with the Legal Costs and Expenses of members of SANDU, should a member or his/her spouse and/or dependent require a lawyer to represent him/her/them in litigation proceedings;  provided that the terms and conditions of the Membership Certificate Schedule are complied with by the member.

ULASA (United Legal Assistance of South Africa)

Membership benefits include free legal advice, assistance and/or representation in all areas of Law (Military Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law) as well as HR & Labour Law related aspects by ULASA’s legal experts. This includes, but is not limited to, Career Consultations and the DOD Grievance Procedure. ULASA is situated within the SANDU HQ and is accessible by telephonic, electronic and personal walk-in consultations.

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